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New Vowels (4 times to feel you)

4 channel HD video installation

New Vowels (4 times to feel you) is situated at the nexus of screen display, language and empathetic relations. At the core of New Vowels is a set of five typographic-like characters whose form is derived from empathy-eliciting body gestures of classic clowns. The animation provides narrative context for these characters, and for our identification with or in relation to them. The characters are a cross between international logotypes and street writing, hovering between figuration and abstraction. They perform in both meditative and flicker frequencies, designed to elicit synchronous relaxed and vulnerable brain states in the observer.

Created for and presented at e4c, the electronic gallery of 4Culture. Located in the Pioneer Square area of downtown Seattle, e4c uses 4 time-interlaced LCD displays in their street level media gallery. Visible by foot, bike, car and bus to more than 20,000 people a day, New Vowels (4 times to feel you) is seen daily from 7am until 10pm, twice per hour, for one year. 2009-2010

low-res excerpt