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All Matter is Smart

All Matter is Smart, the third in a series of street facing murals on the exterior of the Barbara Bestor Architecture studio, is a site-specific 103-foot long project. 2007

Digitally produced images and vinyl shapes elaborate the relationship between human, animal, and plant made architectonic forms. As a celebration and eccentric analysis of structural forms, it is conceived as an optimistic gesture. Seen in the imagery is plant cellular structures, buckyballs (the newly discovered 3rd type of carbon, leading to the development of nanostructures), Buckminster Fuller’s Fly Eye Dome building, a giant fly, a dung beetle, a dung ball, the four states of matter, and mysterious carbon emitting ghosts.
Installation team: Eric Beltz, Joel Sherman, Kyle Davancens, and Andy Andersen.

Barbara Bestor Architecture
3920 Fountain Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

In Silverlake, on Fountain Ave. between Sanborn and Hyperion